In an effort to advance our region as the global hub of talent, innovation, and opportunity, the Gainesville Area Chamber reactivated the Alachua County Education Compact Foundation, originally formed in 1992 as the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and recruited a Board of Trustees for the first time. The primary purpose of the non-profit foundation is to financially invest in today’s learners to empower all students to become tomorrow’s earners by funding education and workforce development initiatives.

Education is the foundation of human capital and human capital is critically essential to the economic well-being of our community. That is why the Gainesville Area Chamber places significant emphasis on cultivating business and community partnerships with local schools and providing all students with access to education and training opportunities.

Effective cross-sector collaboration requires sustainable coordination.

Our Collective Impact model means that we operate together, in a structured way, with the support of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce as our “backbone organization.”

The Chamber supports and facilitates the efforts of the Compact to maintain overall strategic coherence. With a team of dedicated staff and administration, the Chamber manages the day-to-day functions of our efforts and works as the convener of the Compact to help partner agencies leverage resources, align programs and services, and build bridges between siloed systems. The Chamber also serves as a voice on the Compact Leadership Council.

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