June 6, 2017

This week, the Alachua County Education Compact (ACEC) Foundation brought Compact Signers together to both summarize the initiative’s progress since its May 2015 launch and paint a picture of coming efforts to drive improved results for students. In its first two years, the Compact has continued to garner support and gain momentum, and has assisted or engaged more than 1,000 students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and more through initiatives such as Career Discoveries Day, which provides a forum for students and parents to interact with businesses and educational institutions to identify career pathways, FAFSA Night at Eastside High, and more.

Under the guidance of Compact Leadership Council Chair Dug Jones, Associate Vice President of Economic Development of Santa Fe College the Compact will continue to move the needle by serving as a resource for students, parents, and educators while also growing its capacity for enhanced future impact. Initial steps in this direction include dividing the initiative into two phases, defining Phase I success by 21 separate measures, prioritizing the development and use of a community asset map, a system and process for metrics and data collection, an evolved structure to support its mission and goals, and an action plan to keep signers engaged in advancing Phase I goals.

While meeting with Compact signers, Dr. Elio Chiarelli, Jr., Pension Consultant—who chairs the Foundation that will support the Compact—offered strong perspective on what he sees as a key element to achieving the Compact’s goals: helping students strengthen the relationships they need to succeed.

“To achieve these goals, we must address the root of the challenge of broken relationships,” said Dr. Chiarelli. “We must repair broken relationships with self, family, and community.”

Chair Chiarelli called meeting attendees to action to help meet this need by changing the narrative for every student in Alachua County by giving their time, talent and treasure to help students develop and sustain strong self-awareness and repair the relationships they need to succeed.

The Compact can connect you to opportunities to:

Give your Time

  • Volunteer for the Alachua County Education Compact Foundation board
  • Introduce people who share the vision of the Compact
  • Organize events and evaluate opportunities
  • Mentor students and families in our community

Give your Talent

  • Volunteer to help with marketing and fundraising
  • Become an asset to the broken relationships we are trying to repair
  • Help with grants or advocate for additional funds
  • Mentor students in our schools
  • Volunteer at a school

Give your Treasure

  • Donate to the ACEC Foundation, because you believe in the work that will benefit students in our community
  • Introduce us to your networks of others that may have an interest in giving

Our students—from preschool through post-secondary education—are among Greater Gainesville’s greatest assets and are key to the Chamber’s mission to facilitate economic prosperity, business success and community progress throughout our region. Ensuring we take every possible action to ensure their success benefits all of us.

Contact Vice President of Talent & Education Ian Fletcher at ian@gainesvillechamber.com.
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