February 14, 2017

Dr. Edwards, the Assistant Principal at Eastside High School, are seeking volunteers to chaperone and/or lead a breakout session for the movie Hidden Figures. They plan to take 100 9th grade girls to see the movie on Friday, February 17th, from 8:30 am – 2:40 pm. The breakout session will be between 1:35 pm to 2:40.

If you are interested and are available to participate, please contact Dr. Edwards at edwardad@gm.sbac.edu.

Field Trip to View Hidden Figures
Private Screening at Regal Cinemas 14
February 17, 2017

8:30 Students go to first-period class
8:50 Call students to the bus loop
9:15 Leave for Movie Theatre
10:00 Movie begins
12:25 Movie ends
12:40 Leave for EHS
1:00 Arrive on campus, go to cafeteria for lunch
1:30 Go to auditorium for post-movie discussion
1:35-1:45 Introduction/directions
1:45-2:15 Breakout Sessions (groups of 8-10)
2:15-2:35 Whole Group Summary/Feedback
2:40 School Dismissal

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